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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

My goodness! It's been, like, two and half weeks since I posted. Busy, busy, IRL. The big gaming news of the past little bit seems to be the cancellation of EverQuest Next. I can't say I am too surprised, but it is a disappointment. While I never played the original EQ, and only dabbled in EQII and Landmark (which I also "invested" in), I was looking forward to seeing the StoryBricks concept in a polished game.
But enough about that. What I have been doing for the past couple weeks, besides neglecting the blog, is playing a bunch of SWTOR (no surprise there, either). When Scooter can get involved, we're working on our Team Jedi, currently en route to Hoth. My Baldrvar is delightfully Dark, while Scooter's Vireena is only the Diet Coke of Evil. (Don't tell her I said that.)

SPOILERS (for a 4-year-old storyline)

As an aside, I wish that (1) Sith light armor wasn't so uniformly goofy, and that (2) gear did not change appearance between the Imperial and Rebublic side. I wanted to keep Valerija in a short jacket, but the only one I could find was the one you see in the pic, a level 7-ish piece. There are plenty of medium armor jackets for smugglers that would fit the bill nicely, but they literally change to Agent garb when viewed on the Imp side.

When I'm on my own, I've gotten caught up in my Light-side Sorcerer's story. Valerija came to the realization she was being groomed as more than just an apprentice by Darth Zash. (What, the haircut didn't give it away?) And with the help of Khem Val, the Dashade, she sprang Zash's trap, with unexpected consequences for all of them.

With the first chapter of her Sith career over, Lord Valerija (or is it Lady?) decided it was time to shed the resemblance to her former master (mistress?) and stepped out in a big way.

There are a couple other adaptive armor jackets I would have preferred, but they are out of my price range. This is Theron's jacket, dyed Yellow and Deep Pink. Njessi will probably kill me. I also had a bit of buyer's remorse over the pompadour, but after playing through a few cutscenes, I think it fits my newly independent darkangel.
She may be attempting to reform the Empire with the Light, but Valerija is no pushover. That bubblegum-hued lightsaber cuts just as deeply as any red, green, or blue one.

And she can toss lightning with the best of 'em.

That's not to say Valerija doesn't have a sense of humor. Her motley band of pirates, archaeologists, fallen Jedi and Force-eaters keeps her amused and bemused all at once. But she'd do anything for them, and thus, has gained their undying loyalty. Loyalty that she'll need in the times ahead, as she pursues Darth Thanaton across the galaxy.
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  1. Njessi will probably kill me.

    Yes, I'm pretty sure of that, considering my own eyeballs' reaction when I saw that screenshot...

    1. That first shot is perhaps a little egregious, given the harsh lighting. Most of the time, it is a much softer color. I'm actually already to Belsavis with Valerija.