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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Zabrak Twins

You'd think I'd have enough SWTOR toons by now. After all, prior to the two you see here, I had thirteen on The Ebon Hawk, and another four spilled over onto Begeren Colony. The "problem," of course is that BioWare has created a-cheese-ments for taking one of each race all the way through a story, which also unlocks that race for hitherto inaccessible classes. For example, thanks to Silverleaf the Bounty Hunter, I now have a Rattataki Jedi Knight. For the most part, though, I have stuck to Humans, Cyborgs, and a couple Mirialans. Since I have pretty much all eight classes accounted for, do I really need to complete more races? Which brings me to these two. Ionanthe the Knight and Ukunga the Agent are my two Zabraks. (Just yesterday, I spent a little coin to change Ukunga into a waif and altering her face a bit. But these pics are from last week.)
Ionanthe (a Greek word for "Violet") is a Zabrak from the southern continent of Iridonia. After training on Ossus, she traveled to Tython to undergo the Trials necessary to become a full Knight. This coincided with the uprising of the native "Flesh Raiders," led by the fallen Jedi Bengel Morr. Ionanthe was instrumental in quelling the Flesh Raider threat, including the first recruitment of a Force sensitive Flesh Raider shaman into the Order. She later stopped the Sith Lord Tarnis from launching the Planet Prison weapon over Coruscant, which would have trapped the capital of the Republic behind a ship disabling ion field.

Ukunga (from a Swahili word meaning "fog" or "mist") is an Imperial Agent, originally from the eastern continent of Iridonia, trained at the Imperial Academy on Dromund Kaas, and initially assigned to Nal Hutta in a bid to gain support for the Empire from the Cartel, represented by Suudaa Nem'ro. Following her first assignment, Ukunga returned to the Seat of the Empire and assisted in foiling a terrorist plot to destroy the generators powering Kaas City. Unfortunately, the terrorists had a secondary target in the form of the Imperial Dreadnought Dominator, destroyed in a the skies over Dromund Kaas, with the loss of 3,000 people aboard and a number of the planet's inhabitants on the surface. Thereafter, Ukunga was promoted to the rank of Cipher Agent and given the assignment to track down and dismantle the Eagle terrorist network, who claimed responsibility for the Dominator attack.

I  know, I know, these are basically the Prologues of the class stories. There's not a ton of stuff on Wookiepedia about the Zabraks, and and I created these two to occupy a little time when Scooter is otherwise indisposed. As it turns out, Zabrak are the only race besides human who can be any class. On the other hand, I am curious to see if the red and purple tattoo pattern of the imperial Zabrak and the earth tones patterns of the Republic will translate to the other faction once I have completed these.

On an unrelated note, despite this only being my third post this month, I have been getting a steady heartbeat of traffic—perhaps influenced by the upcoming Warcraft movie—making May 2016 my most heavily trafficked month ever, as of some time last night.
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  1. One simply cannot have enough characters in Star Wars: the Old Republic! :P

    I could look up the answer of your tattoo pattern question, as I have a L65 evil zabrak marauder - but maybe you want to be kept in suspense?

    1. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes,since they're separate in character creation menu. 😊

  2. Also, grats on your pageview achievement! (Somehow missed that when I read your post earlier.) Always funny to see how statistics turn out unexpectedly. Those are some mixed signals: the internet wants me to stop posting! Uhhh, yay, I'm doing it right, I guess?

    1. Exactly. Sometimes my pageviews are a direct result of my posting. August has been high the past couple years, for instance, because of Blaugust. But there are a couple high pageview months that don't make any sense from anything I've done.

    2. In my 2016 anniversary post I did some maths and found that 40% of my pageview variation could be explained by post frequency. In other words, 60% of variation is from other sources that are harder to get a hold of. This only counts for Ravalation of course (but with a decent amount of data, 3 years of blogging). It would be interesting to see if these numbers are representative for other blogs.

    3. Post can be found here, if you're interested: http://ravalation.blogspot.com/2016/04/four-years-of-ravalation.html

    4. To be honest, I put waaaaay too much stuff in that post, so I wouldn't be surprised if readers fell asleep halfway when I started about math...