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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ARPil Badge

Another busy week, with me taking a class at work and my daughter preparing to move back home from the college dorm tomorrow (I helped her move a bunch of crap today). So I haven't had a chance to feature the ARPil badge that Pizza Maid and Ravanel Griffon prepared for those of us that participated in PM's 30 Days project. I only got about halfway through the the questions, but I feel like I got a decent mix of superficial and deeper ones out of the way.
I've said it before, but while I have been enjoying my return stint in SWTOR—now going on more than a year—I don't feel as much attachment to my characters as I have with other MMOs. There's just less opportunity to develop a unique story when I am running through BioWare's. I think of SWTOR as a slightly more interactive movie. I mean I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I am not attached to Captain America or Iron Man either. Not the way I am to Samantha Hawthorn or Rowanblaze. This ARPil helped me think a little bit more about Morrenia and her background and motivations, but I still feel like she is more BioWare's character than my own.
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  1. Maybe SWTOR responses in conversations that you have to pick contribute to a lesser attachment formed to your character: in my experience, they often are just a little bit different than you'd imagine your character would say. Sometimes there isn't even an option that would make sense, which can be frustrating.

    When I compare the background stories I've made up in LOTRO compared to SWTOR, LOTRO (an old fashioned MMO without cutscenes or reponse choices; text based quests) does score a bit higher. However, I don't feel as detached to your chars as you seem to do. This may be partly because I don't spend the majority of time questing and playing the storylines in SWTOR: I spend a lot of time doing PvP and operations as well (and decorating my stronghold *hides*).

    The newest KOTFE expansion (have you played that yet, btw?) makes the feeling of detachment stronger, though: the storyline is basically the same for whichever character you play through, and that doesn't feel right for the wide array of classes and backgrounds I've made up. I've only taken two through KOTFE thusfar because of this. It feels sad to leave all those others behind, 'stuck' in a way.

    1. Weird, I thought I had responded to this.

      I've only been up through Chapter IX (the original expansion), but none of the update Chapters. Scooter and I have been doing other class stories in order to finish out our Legendary status. But going through together highlighted the sameness, since followed each other through the various chapters. It's not that I am emotionally detached from Morrenia and the rest, it's that in many ways I don't feel that they are mine, the slightly mismatched wheel choices versus actual spoken lines certainly contribute to that feeling.