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Friday, April 29, 2016

DAW2016: BioWare

Considering how I myself have promoted Developer Appreciation Week in the past, I find myself ashamed at my own poor showing this year. Then again, I feel pretty detached from the bloggin community in general. Unlike folks like Belghast, I been almost exclusively playing a single game for over a year now. So while I may still have fond memories of games like World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Rift, and The Secret World, I don't have much new to say about the companies behinds them. Although I certainly appreciate the efforts of the folks working on those titles.
Which brings us to SWTOR and BioWare. Looking back through my own DAW posts, I realized that I never really singled out the Austin-based division of EA for their contribution to my MMO gaming pleasure. I thought I had talked about the writers more recently, but it was not in connection with DAW. The single reference I found to the "storytellers" was way back in 2012, only a few months after SWTOR launched.
Perhaps needless to say, the storytellers and everyone else involved with SWTOR have kicked it into high gear with the recent Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. The cinematography and story are top notch, though I have criticisms I will save for another day.
Maybe because I myself have relaxed and have adjusted my expectations (and by that I do not mean "lowered my standards"), the game is much more enjoyable than the frustrating spring and summer of 2012. Also, while I may dabble from time to time in other games, SWTOR is enough to scratch my itch. Scooter loves playing it, and I love playing with her.

And so, many thanks to the BioWare team for SWTOR and all the games you have worked on and continue to develop.
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