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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ARPil Day of Favorites!

[OOC] This was more of an exercise in Wookiepedia research than anything, since I had never thought of any favorites for Morrenia (or any other character). And many of the items are my own favorites, transposed to Morrenia. Feel free to guess which ones.

[IC] Before we begin, I must include an erratum regarding a previous question. I was reminded (with a quick zap of force lightning) that, when asked about surrogate family, I forgot to mention someone near and dear to me: Glember, who always has my back in a fight. She was with me on Korriban even before Vette. We helped each other make it through the trials and then had many more adventures together. She'll always be my favorite. Anyway, on to the others.

Favorite color: Maroon

Favorite outfit: The battle robe you see in the holo image to the right.

Favorite song: Run Kessel Run

Favorite flower: Rominaria

Favorite time of year: Autumn; crisp mornings, brilliant foliage

Favorite holiday: Naboo's Festival of Glad Arrival

Favorite comfort food: Shaak Pot Roast

Favorite hot drink: Caf

Favorite ice cream flavor: Juna Berry

Favorite vice: Lieutenant Pierce

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