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Saturday, April 2, 2016

30 Days of ARPil

Yes I am already behind. A few days ago, Ravanel Griffon suggested that I participate in a blogging event being "sponsored" by Pizza Maid, wherein you take one original character and answer questions about them (Pizza Maid is doing it in character), filling in background information along the way. I'm highly in favor of developing backstory for player characters, even if you're not really much into RP in the actual games you play.
My problem is that I am sort of between characters. While I really enjoy playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, so much of the story is being told by the developers that I don't have the strong connection to them that I have had in the past with my characters from The Secret World, Star Trek Online, and even World of Warcraft. Maybe I'm lying to myself, these are some pretty in-depth blurbs.

So mostly with this post, I am promoting the event and the idea. Along with my busy schedule for the first third of the month, I think my participation will be spotty. I need to decide on a character, preferably one I have not written too extensively about. But I plan to have an answer to yesterday's and today's questions by the end of the evening. We'll see how it goes from there.
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