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Saturday, April 16, 2016

ARPil and Other Business

Well, this week certainly has been interesting (not really). I returned from a lengthy business trip last Saturday, and fully expected to have a post or two up this week. But it didn't happen. Honestly, I barely even played video games; as Scooter's schedule has also been funky this week, and we've chosen to do other things with our limited time together.

So I may try to cram two question a day into the second half of ARPil. Meanwhile. Belghast was asking the other day on Twitter about what happened to Developer Appreciation Week this year. I had completely forgotten about the event, what with my being out of town and preoccupied with work. Normally, I've aimed to promote it towards the end of March, perhaps pushing into April, but upon consultation with the gamer formerly known as Scarybooster, who originated the idea in 2010, we decided to encourage people to participate from 24 April through the end of the month.

In the meantime, on with the ARPil questions. I decided to make Darth Morrenia, the Empire's Wrath, my subject for ARPil. Like Pizza Maid, I will answer in character.
What are your most prominent physical features?
I am admittedly petite and slight of frame, not exactly what one might expect of a Warrior of the Sith. All the better to surprise any opponent. As my connection to the Dark Side of the Force has become strengthened, my green eyes have turned the characteristic Sith yellow. And while not a physical feature, per se, I am never in public without wearing traditional Naboo-style cosmetics.

Describe your relationship with your mother or your father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were you spoiled rotten, ignored? Do you still get along now, or no?
I was raised among the nobility of Naboo, so I guess you could say I was spoiled. I certainly had all my material wants satisfied. My parents doted on me when they were around. But they had many social commitments, and much of my upbringing was conducted by governesses and other servants of the household. My parents brushed shoulders with the leaders of the planet, and I was involved in the Legislative Youth Program. However, I was deemed too volatile for leadership. I was in my early twenties when I was approached by representatives of Overseer Tremel of the Order of the Sith. Since I began my training, I have not returned to Naboo, nor communicated with my parents other than to reassure them of my well-being.
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  1. I don't normally contribute to DAW but I wrote a post the other day that seemed like it would have fit the bill. I googled a bit to see if the event was running but it appeared not to be happening. If it happens I'll re-tag this post http://bhagpuss.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/up-above-roofs-and-houses-gw2.html retrospectively to fit!

    1. Well, there will be at least three of us: you, Belghast, and me. :D