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Thursday, April 21, 2016

ARPil: Trust Issues

Is there anyone in your extended family with whom you are particularly close? Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, etc. Do you have anyone whom you consider practically a blood relative?
At one time, my parents lived close to family, in Theed. I played with my cousins, attended family gathering, what have you. However, I doubt of us were close with our parents, or their parents for that matter. Then, since the day I was selected for Sith training, I haven't seen any of my family for years. Others I might consider a blood relative? I am very loyal to the faithful members of my crew. Jaesa is like the dark child I never had. And Vette is a like a sister, though we are on different social strata. My closest surrogate sister, though, is Glember, who always has my back in a fight. She was with me on Korriban even before Vette. We helped each other make it through the trials and then have had many more adventures together.
Whom do you trust?
It is difficult to trust anyone. A member of my aforementioned crew betrayed me to my former master, Baras, and have not forgiven, nor forgotten. I considered my other crew members to be loyal in their various roles; however, I have been unable to locate any of them since my time in carbon-freeze. If Lana Beniko could find me, why weren't any of them with her? Surely they should been far easier to locate. . .
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