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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Casual Wear

OK so I've come up with casual outfits for Locke and Rowan, there's not as much variety as I'd hoped for, but it's still cool.
For Locke, I attempted to create a look that vaguely said, "I threw this stuff on," just like a surfer might. Too bad they don't have shorts, flip-flops, and a Hawaiian shirt. I think my attempt at jeans turned out well.
For Rowan I went with the Vulcan-style robes, though with more earth/forest-tone colors, hopefully reflecting her First Nations background. Again, more variety would have been nice.
I may try to be more clever with this later. I just wanted to get it out.


  1. Locke's off duty outfit sure looks comfy! And I think you did REALLY well with the jeans look.

    And okay, noob question coming up...how did you get Rowan to do the Vulcan hand salute? Is that something only Vulcans can do?

  2. On the chat interface, just to the right of the typing window, is a little "social" button. one of the menu items is "emote" with a list of things you can make your character do. I don't think "Prosper" is exclusive to Vulcans, because Rowan did the d'k tahg (sp?) and "Mokbara" which are Klingon emotes.