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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have decided to combine my two blogs, "Rowanblaze saves Azeroth" and "I Have Touched The Sky." This second blog will continue to be the URL I use, since people seem to be reading it. I consolidated the posts, so if you look back through, you may see posts you hadn't before. Within a few days I'll discontinue the former blog.

I am also thinking of switching over to Wordpress,  though the inital startup seemed a little complicated. Can any Wordpress users tell me what they think of the service/interface? Especially any that have used Blogger and switched?


  1. Hooray for streamlining!

    Speaking as someone who started with blogger then moved on to wordpress, I gotta say I prefer the latter. User-friendliness is about the same, but I like the user interface a lot more, and I think it has more options.

  2. I've used both and Wordpress is a lot better imo. I couldn't stand bloggers setup and it was pain in bum to post with iPhone.

  3. Hmm, if I read everything right, I have to pay to be able use the font colors I want on WordPress? o.O Seems like minor, but that is irritating. Is it so hard to allow that freedom for free?

    Convince me.