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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Locke and His Crew

So Locke is my second character on STO. But his crew's backstories are a little more developed than Rowan's, so I am leading off with him. Because I am alternating him with Rowan, neither is as far along as they might otherwise be. But I did the same thing with my WoW toons; it was over a year after I started playing, and nine months after TBC came out, before I got a toon (Rowanblaze) up to 60, and she was the fourth toon I'd started.

Anyhoo, here is Locke and Crew:

Donovan Taggart Locke:

Donovan Locke is a California native. Born in 2384 and raised practically on the beach, Locke is an avid swimmer and surfer, with the stamina and build to match. While a gifted tactician, he is a sometimes brash risk-taker, much in the vein of Jim Kirk. Donovan is loyal to his crew, and possibly a bit overprotective, drawing fire away from them when he needs to, risking himself in the process. An ace pilot, he often takes over the helm of his ship personally. He met both his wife, Ginny, and his chief engineer, Blish, at Starfleet Academy, where Blish often helped Locke through the required engineering courses.

For the first time, I have modeled an avatar somewhat on myself. The human males in WOW are stupid looking, so I never rolled one, and none of the other avatars even come close. Locke is a leaner, younger me, complete with spiky bangs and a goatee.

"James" Blish:

Chief Engineer Blish hails from Deep Space 9, where he was raised after being born on Bolarus IX in 2385. His parents were shopkeepers on the promenade, but Blish insisted on joining Starfleet, much to the dismay of his mother, who had lost family during the Dominion War. A genius at warp theory, he obtained a Doctorate in Engineering from Starfleet Academy, before receiving his commission. He acquired the nickname "James" and its diminutive "Jimmy" from his friend and classmate, Donovan Locke, who found it inexplicably funny. Blish was injured in the Borg attack on the U.S.S Khitomer, his first assignment, where Locke found him and rushed him back to the Powhatan.

James Blish wrote the Star Trek anthologies based on the episodes of the original series. When Blish's name popped up, apparently randomly, I couldn't resist.

Ginevra Prinos Locke:

Doctor Ginevra Locke (nee Prinos) is the ship's Chief Medical Officer. She was born in the Loneel Valley on Betazed in 2382. Ginny's maiden name resembles the Latin genus of the alder tree. She was accepted to both the University of Betazed and Starfleet Medical Academy, but chose the Academy as a chance to get off-planet. She met Donovan while attending the Academy, and he was a Starfleet cadet. Like most full-blooded Betazoids, Ginny is a telepath and tends to be brutally honest, a trait which endeared her to Locke, but can be exasperating to her other crewmates. Of course, having a Betazoid at your side is always good during negotiations.

Ginny is not based on anyone I know, well ok maybe a little. She shares her name with Ginny Weasley Potter, Ron's sister and Harry's eventual wife.

Sera, daughter of Yuri, Shi'suk'izh-skish:

Sera was born and raised in the city of Vulcana Regar. Taciturn like most of her race, she is an expert in multiple martial arts disciplines, including suus mahna, mok’bara, and capoeira. She prefers dual pistols as opposed to long-barreled weapons, as they allow for quick strikes in close quarters combat. Sera is fiercely loyal and protective of her captain, using her fighting skills act as his bodyguard in hostile ground situations.

Sera’s family name means "Place of the (Snow) Avalanche." It is unknown as to where this name originated.

I struggled with my missions until Sera came along, I should have had a tactical sidekick from the beginning, but thought at the time that I needed a more rounded crew, as Locke was already Tactical.

Chief of Security: Thasungke'Witko:

Witko is descended in part from Jem'Hadar stranded in the Alpha Quadrant at the end of the Dominion War. No longer dependant on "White," the second generation members of Witko's colony applied to join the Federation in 2383. Born in 2391, Witko joined Starfleet Academy in 2401 as an adult of his species, where he proved adept at both ground and space tactics. He joined the crew when Locke took command of the U.S.S. Red Cloud. A crack shot, Witko is Locke’s weapons expert, though quite capable of hand-to-hand combat. Witko’s full name resembles that of the Lakota warrior “Crazy Horse.”

Witko is, of course, my attempt at a Jem'Hadar. I have no good explanation for why he doesn't need Ketracel-white, though there is precedent in canon for this.

The crew on an away mission:


  1. You have a very cool looking and interesting crew. I think my favorite is Witko, even though I don't really understand all the lore yet. I also love the reference to Harry Potter you threw in there. You also have a very good looking captain, by the way :P His picture looks like the cover of a hero's biography.

    I also noticed you are flying an escort ship. Are you going to keep going the damage route?

  2. I think I will, though I plan on trying out a cruiser, as well, when I hit Commander. I can get a little frustrated with the weapons configuration, but I think a couple more bays in front and in back will alleviate that. I also think the forward shields should be more robust if they expect us to be facing forward so much more than the science ships or cruisers.

  3. Thank you for the feedback, GeeCee. It's nice to know someone is at least reading my drivel.