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Sunday, March 28, 2010

LOTRO, Ten Minutes In . . .

OK, so I got the game downloaded, at least enough to play while the rest downloaded. Pretty cool technique, gets the newbie right in and playing ASAP. +1 for Turbine. Game mechanics? Generic. WoW is at least as good. You say I shouldn't compare, Dear Reader? Oh but I do and I did. Fortunately or unfortunately for every MMORPG I play, it will be compared to WoW, because that is the game I cut my gamer chops on.
OK, this is Golwing, my test elvish minstrel. Basically the healer class, as far as I could tell. A little haughty for a level 1, dontcha think? Why "Golwing"? Because the names I wanted were taken and I wanted to start playing.
Here she is fighting, after having looted a knife off a dead elf. He didn't need it anymore.
Here she is rockin' the mandolin. Eat your heart out, Bruce Hornsby. I have to say though, the way she spins the mandolin is pretty cool.
Goblin Scout: OMG, you did not just whip out a guitar in the middle of our fight!?!
Golwing: Oh yes I did. And I crit-healed myself while I was at it.
Kickin' it with Elrond Halfelven. We're tite like dat.
Elrond: Pooh, did you do that?
Pooh Bear: I don't think so.
Random Elf: Thanks for showing up, Ellie. Too bad you run like pond scum.
Elrond: Where's the cool stuff that was here?
Random Elf points at Golwing.

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