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Sunday, March 28, 2010

ICC 25

In all this excitement, I forgot to mention that I ran 25-man Ice Crown Citadel with my guildmates last night. Great run, we beat each of the first three boss encounters on the second attempt, and the fourth boss encounter on the third attempt. Pretty good for the first time as a guild.

I enjoyed the raid immensely, though I have yet to figure why I don't heal at the same rate as the other healers, according to "Recount." Between my rotation, talents, and gear, I am deficient in something. I understand that, when I use my Discipline spec, many of my talents are devoted to damage mitigation rather than healing. But when I shift to Holy, I am barely better off. <Sigh> Only once has anyone said anything and then only obliquely. But it still bothers me.


  1. Cool, get any good loot?

    And what exactly are you unhappy about re: your recount stats? I've always been told not to worry about healing numbers the same way you would with DPS, and hopefully that hasn't changed...I mean, I haven't been gone THAT long :P

    I used to heal on my druid, and depending on the fight, sometimes I'll be on top of the healing charts, sometimes not. AoE healing was where restos excelled, and I remember always beating out the single target healers like the paladins by A LOT. It didn't mean that they were sucky healers, just that I would always get the heal in before they did. On fights where the pally heals the tank though, they ginormous heals just blow everyone else out of the water. So really, I wouldn't get too worked up over your numbers, it depends so much on the situation.

  2. I think you may be right, I know that a druid throwing up group HoTs like Tranquility might appear to out heal a priest or other healer. But I was comparing my self to another priest, similarly spec'ed in Holy (my guildmaster). I think she is gemmed for haste, where my stuff is almost all SP and Crit, because as a normally Discipline priest, I get plenty of Haste from talents, and much of my damage mitigation procs off crits. The funny thing is, Blizz set up training dummies, for DPS to figure out how to maximize DPS, but nothing for heals.

    I'm glad Blizz is simplifying equipment and stats and altering Talents away from so-called kitchen sink specs. I think it will make the game more fun for the casual-ish players like myself, who do would rather be unique than have the ultimate spec and gear set, that some number cruncher figured out.

  3. Having said all that, I also noticed that I had the lowest overheals by percentage of HP. So a lot of mana was wasted by the all the healers, Over 50%.

  4. I won't be much help regarding holy priest spec or itemization, but doesn't spirit help? My brother in law played a priest and I remember him telling me how he was stacking spirit.

    I stacked spirit like there was no tomorrow too, but of course, I was a druid :P And the aoe heal ability that rocked was Wild Growth. God, I loved that spell.

  5. Oh, and re: kitchen sink specs...guilty! LOL, I was pretty hardcore when I played, I would crunch numbers all night trying to figure out the best gear, gems and enchants to have. It was worth it, as I was one sturdy bear (my main spec was feral) and even as tank spec, I was outDPSing mages, rogues and locks as a cat. It wears on you though, definitely not recommended. It made raiding feel more like work, and I see that now.

  6. Spirit is important, I think more so for Holy spec. Disc priests get spirit boosts, but I don't think there is a disc talent to boost SP or anything based on Spirit. So I haven't concentrated on it. That may change with Cataclysm