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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog About My Experiences With STO (Originally posted to my first blog)

I haven't been playing WoW much recently because I have a new addiction: Star Trek Online. Picking out characters, bridge officers, ships, etc. and then customizing them to fit my idea of coolness = AWESOME!! All those complaints about mismatched armor in WoW? Not a problem in STO. Of course the game has issues, but from what I have read, and continue to witness, WoW started out with many flaws that have been fixed and or replaced with new flaws even to this day.

My biggest current complaint is the incredible amount of spearphishing emails I am getting since I converted my WoW accounts to battle.net, which requires the use of my email address as my login. The authenticator has made my account more secure, but left my email open to SPAM. Just today I received a spearphishing attack into my inbox, and two were caught by the spam filter. None of that happened before November of 2009 when Blizzard forced everyone to convert.

Whew!! This was not supposed to be a rant. I am excited for Cataclysm to come out; the graphics, the new game mechanics (talents), and new content are all shaping up to be great. Right now I need to get promoted to captain, then admiral.

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