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Friday, March 26, 2010

On Respec'ing

Took some time last night to respec Rowan. I'll get to Locke soon, but want to play out Rowan tonight. Galo discusses the procedure at some length, so I won't go into it other than to say it was probably a little easier for me because Rowan is still such a lowbie, versus some Admiral trying to figure out what to sacrifice in order to take advantage of both BigBadB's findings and the new Starship skills. Two things I like about it:
  1. According to the Patch FAQ, you can respec at each promotion, which means you can throw skill points into specific ship classes and then recycle them later when you outgrow the ship. Obviously of limited value to an Admiral, but great for those players still leveling characters.
  2. Your old spec is highlighted, so you don't have to try to remember where you had skill points you don't want to change. Plus, you can mess around with deleting individual skills or start over from scratch, in both cases with your former spec still visible, so you can see the changes you are making. In contrast, when you respec in WoW, all of your talents disappear, and you have to save your spec somewhere besides the game interface if you are trying to tweak only a few things and keep most of the talents in place.
Of course, there are other things about the patch that I like, including the off-duty outfits and other cosmetic changes. My Klingon faction captain ended up with an extra ship, the new tier-2 cruiser. I am not sure if that was a glitch, because I had barely made LC, but I took it. My Fed fleet got together on the Klingon side and made a Klingon fleet, too, which was quite an experience. A bit different than starting a guild on WoW. (lol, I just realized the blog interface registers "klingon" as a spelling error, but accepts the capitalized "Klingon.")


  1. You're still flying an escort on your fed officer right? And looking forward to seeing your off duty uniform.

    And wordpress is the same way with Klingon...it also recognizes the word "Vulcan" but not "vulcan" :D

  2. Locke flies an escort, but Rowan flies a science vessel.