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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 12 - In Which I Thoroughly Bore You With a Slice of My Life

So Day 12 is supposed to be about a typical day IRL and/or online for me. This would be wonderful, if I had an interesting life. However, like many of you, I work in an office, not an emergency room or a police precinct.

I get up, get ready, and drop my teenager off at school on my way to work, where I stand at my 45.5" high desk and develop training materials for the classes I instruct and/or surf the web. There is a lot of writing and editing involved, mostly editing. I also chat with my coworkers, most of whom are actually out of town right now on assignment. A few also play MMOs, and we do chat about that along with other typical things: work, home, our weekend, etc.
I am lucky that I can eat lunch with my lovely bride many days of the week. At the end of the workday, I head home, picking up my high schooler and maybe stopping for some errands on the way.

We eat dinner, often as a family, and I spend my evenings either playing a computer game--right now it's SWTOR--with Sctrz or playing by myself (perhaps grouping online) while she does some schoolwork. I watch very little TV, and my reading has tapered off off late, as well.

If I am away on assignment, my workdays are longer, "on the podium" in front of a class. Then it's back to the hotel to relax, usually with a game. I do sightseeing on the weekends if the place is interesting enough. I also try to meet visit old friends and people I've met though blogging/gaming, when I get the chance.

What do I actually do while online? I quest mostly, sometimes I do some space missions, which I happen to really enjoy in SWTOR. They are the classic arcade-style relaxation technique for me, a lot like other rail-shooters of the past. Others have complained that space in SWTOR is is not basically a flight/combat simulator. I think they miss the point. But I digress. I do enjoy running a group instance occasionally, but I have only done PvP once in SWTOR. Maybe I should try again.

I really need to get in some exercise, either early in the morning or in the evening. The standing for most of the day helps a bit. It's better than sitting all day, which I did before getting my desk raised. But I do need to lose some weight and get healthier in general.


  1. Very cool, I've been curious about how your desk works since your last mention of it.

    If you ever make your way to Nashville, we should definitely meet up!

    PS - Sent you a friend request in STO, just in case you ever pop back in there.

    1. I'll log in this evening and accept. I'm sure I'll be near Nashville eventually (Fort Campbell). I had to fly out of there during a nasty snowstorm last January (2011). I just wish I could take the last train to Clarksville.

    2. Very cool, just drop me an email if you end up back there, and we'll do lunch/dinner, my treat!