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Friday, January 15, 2010

OK Here We Go

I've had a blog on various sites, like MySpace and Facebook, but have never dedicated myself to blogging. We'll see how this goes. My goal here is to publish my thoughts about various subjects, but especially World of Warcraft. I may reference other sites that are far more dedicated than I to the game and offer my opinions on any given development. I have also written and will continue to write vignettes and stories related to my WoW characters, which I will be publishing here as time permits. I don't promise to stay on topic. I have no overarching plan for this project. Much like playing with my Legos as a child, I will just put stuff together and see how it looks.

I don't know what the legal issues are publishing stories based on World of Warcraft places and characters. Since I am not doing this for profit, I hope Blizzard's lawyers understand it is a labor of love.

If you stumble across this, I hope you enjoy it.

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