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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sliding from Furious to Resigned

So it finally happened, after over three and a half years of playing WoW. My account got hacked. On Monday morning. I don't how: I keep my password secure; I ran a virus/malware scan on my computer, and it came back clean. None of my other online accounts/logins have been affected.

They stole all my gold on at least two realms, and deleted all my characters off one of the realms including my two level-80 toons. I promptly reset my password and put in a ticket to Blizzard GMs both in-game and out. They reset my password (again), but still (as of Thursday) have not restored my characters, much less their stuff. I'm withholding judgment to see if they restore the characters with their epic, heirloom items, etc. to my satisfaction, but this may be the end of my relationship with Blizzard.

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