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Monday, February 25, 2013

TSW Character Profiles: Dortmunder

Here's the second of my character profiles for my TSW toons:

Karl "Dortmunder" Eichenherz
Recruited by the Templars from Dortmund, Germany, Karl Eichenherz is a former forensic pathologist in his mid-thirties. Trying to connect with his spiritual roots in his youth, Karl studied Germanic Paganism and the Judeo-Christian Bible. Shortly after swallowing a Bee, Karl was invited to Templar headquarters in London. Upon arriving, Karl delved into the library's arcane collection, finding such ancient theologies and ceremonies as Blót and Hebrew temple sacrifices to have their origins in the rituals of Blood Magick. He also found an affinity with blade techniques, training in the Crucible under the Templar Master-at-Arms, Brigadier Lethe. While at Temple Hall in London, Karl befriended French archaeologist Dexrina "Dex-y" Sunfleur, who became his mission partner and lover. The first time Dexrina kissed Karl, her lips left a permanent red buss on his cheek. Karl is a taciturn observer of human behavior, and sees his work with the Templars as an extension of the investigative work he did in his prior career.

Being the character I use most often when playing together with my gaming partner and bride, Sctrz, in TSW, Karl is my Doppelgänger: the character that looks like me or an idealized me. Eichenherz is a pseudo-German surname that literally translates as Oak(en)heart, after my first character in WoW, a male Dwarf Hunter. "Dortmunder" has several connotations. The I.A.V. Dortmunder was an Alliance capital ship in the pilot episode of the long-lamented Firefly. Dortmund is a city in Germany and the terminus of an Autobahn that I frequently traveled during my most recent visit. Lastly, a fellow blogger, Kadomi, who is from the city, insisted that no character named Dortmunder could possibly not wear the colors of the city's eponymous football (soccer) team, yellow and black. Honestly though, the more I think about it, the more I wish I'd used "Dortmunder" for his surname and "Eichenherz" for his nickname.

More to come . . .

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  1. Love the biography, and the fact that many people create a 'doppelgänger', someone who somehow resembles themselves the most in games.

    You certainly put a lot of thought into this one, thanks for the read! :)