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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TSW Character Profiles: Poppyshock

I've finally started to write down the character profiles for my TSW toons. Here's the first:

Hinageshi "Poppyshock" Miyamoto
Hinageshi was born in Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan, but moved to Tokyo in her teens to study electrical engineering the University of Tokyo. Despite rigorous coursework and excellent grades, Hinageshi became involved in the Tokyo punk scene, cropping her hair and dying it a yellow-green and painting designs on her face on evenings out. On the night of the explosion at Orochi Tower, Hinageshi was visited by the Bees, followed a short time later by the monks of the Dragon. Having received training in Kendo in her youth, as well as her collegiate studies in electricity, Hinageshi took the Blade and Elemental Focus as her primary weapons. A sharp sword makes short work of undead and living flesh alike, but she takes every opportunity to bring Thor's Hammer down on her foes. Despite her rebellious appearance, "Poppyshock"—as she has come to be known—has a no-nonsense attitude, and a devotion to a personal code of justice that borders on the fanatical.

The original Poppyshock was a female Draenai Shaman character I played in WoW. I came up with the name while going through the baking/spice aisle of the supermarket. Hinageshi means "poppy" in Japanese and is not unheard of as a girl's name. Miyamoto is a Japanese surname meaning "(one who lives) at the shrine." Poppyshock is the character I tend to play when Sctrz is not available to play TSW.

More to come . . .

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