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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pics of the Day: Polaris Hijinks

Thanks to my fellow ROFL-Stompers in the Knights of Mercy: @sctrz, @Wininoid, @ShaxorZachal, and especially @tententacles who provided some of these screencaps. As MMOGamerChick pointed out, we're small, but growing, in TSW.

It all started out seriously enough. The Ealdwich ROFL-Stompers were clearing out the wreck of the Polaris. Dortmunder took point in his hazmat suit (you never know what crap is in that water). Chucho, playing the pirate on this ship, spun chaos in his wake. Dexy, ever the soldier, was providing auxiliary healing, as well as substantial damage of her own. Winin was kicking ass and taking names, and Haleola simply dispensed with the name-taking altogether.
Asses kicked and names taken, they all boarded the Orochi helicopter for Kingsmouth. There is some confusion as to what happened next:
"Dude, are you checking out my butt?"
"No, I totally wasn't. Not that you could blame me. Hey! Was that a creepy Lovecraftian sea monster out there in the fog??"
"I didn't see any creeps. Out there."
No, no, no! Rewind!

It went down like this:

"Dexy was the one checking out Haleola's butt. And can you blame her?"
"What? I never..."
"Hey! Is that Cthulhu?"
"It doesn't matter! We are safe on the ground in front of the totally-not-a-sinister-corpocracy Orochi Group rescue base!" said Chucho the Tropicana-Cabana boy. "Dance the samba with me!"
"Naw, dude. We're good."


  1. This post reminds me of this pic:


    Because that is totally your crew right now, lol...

  2. That's a really great set of pics. Did you plan that or did you take a bunch and then see that narrative emerge when you looked through them afterwards?

    1. I looked at what I had and developed the narrative. The stuff in the helicopter cabin is a cutscene near the end of Polaris. The player's point of view is always the same, with various other group members' avatars in the other positions.