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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TSW: Monday Night Fights

Lest you think we're just running Polaris every week just for fun, we actually have gotten a few lowbie fellow cabalists through the first "dungeon" run. It is fun, though, and they get good rewards useful as they head into the Savage Coast. Below, we have Adaram in the foreground, then Dexy, Dormunder (me), Chucho, and JayCal silhouetted in the back. I wish I had a better pic of all of us, but it's hectic being the tank.
Dexy is really proud of her second Deck outfit, "Crusader." I like the pistol holster, but I think it should have matching pistols in it.
Chucho thinks it looks good, too.


  1. You know, I'm not the biggest fan of pistols. The best pistols I keep coming across look like small machine guns. :P

    1. Yeah, like Uzi's and such. I actually reskinned a set of QL10 Berettas to a pair of Colt six-shooters for my Lumie, LoneStarBelle. But I still think a pair of pistols should be visible in the holster, considering the actual usable pistols hang on the hips, as seen in the shot of Dex-y.