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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pics of the Day: Team Haruspex

One of the fun things about the Starter Decks in The Secret World is the fact that they are available regardless of faction (more on cross-faction awesomeness in a near-future post). On Saturday afternoon, I was playing with friends from Beyond the Veil. Someone—I can't remember who—brought out their Haruspex outfit, gained from a combination of Blood and Elementalist abilities. Before long, we were all running around in oxblood leather ritual coats. I kind of wonder what other players thought of us as we ran through various populated areas doing our thing.

We look like a crazy version of ABBA. That's LoneStarBelle (me) on the left, with Maiastas (who finally has a Twitter feed), Exceeder (a.k.a. Galactrix), and Antida, who looks ready to lop off a locust limb.
Here, we have Team Haruspex in action. Ironically, Exceeder is the only one sporting a Blood Focus, so all that spatter you see is from him. It does make us look like a gory lot though, doesn't it.
That doesn't mean there isn't time for some clowning, or as Maiastas put it, "a delicate re-tuning of the universe via meditation." Meanwhile, Saïd was a bit too cheeky with Antida apparently, as her sword is drawn like she's ready to relieve him of his liver or some other vital part.
Our new album will be in stores soon, featuring the smash hits "My Bowels Move For You" and "That's Just Gross." We open for the Wyrd Systers this summer.
Thanks to Maiastas for the album cover portrait.

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