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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Place to Call My Own

If you are reading this post through RSS or Atom feed—especially more than a couple hours after publication—I encourage you to visit the actual page, as I often make refinements.
As a software instructor, my job does not often involve heavy lifting or other manual labor. But this week, we are preparing portable classrooms and moving servers, uninterruptible power supplies (basically big batteries), furniture, and floor panels (for wiring). All this in addition to running power and network cabling, etc. I am exhausted. And sore. And I've gotten myself into a pattern of writing at night, when I would prefer to carve out time in the morning. In any event, this little post will be short.
One thing I was able to do this evening was get in some game time in EverQuest II with my sweetheart, Scooter. We're continuing on with our toons, Chervil the ratonga and Farreyn the half elf. I think Scooter is enjoying her mostly ranged-caster Warden, and I like my little Conjurer just fine. I'm not overly attached to pet classes, but they're nice to have around. I didn't get a picture, but my earthen avatar upgraded to a larger version and handles aggro very well, while Farreyn and Chervil bring on the pain.

We sailed through about four levels, reaching 12 before finding Kelethin and each getting a house for all the stuff we've picked up. That's an interesting thing about EQ2—as opposed to Rift—it seems like more furniture drops off random mobs. Rift's main non-purchase source of housing decorations seems to be fishing. I do like that Rift's dimensions include outdoor areas and even buildings. EQ2's seem to be only interiors, but I could be wrong.

All right. I think that's it for me, with another post early tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great evening—or day, depending on where you are.


  1. The larger houses in EQ2 include yards and in at least two cases I can remember, entire islands (including full on castles). Some of the guild halls are absolutely amazing as well. The ability to make and place artificial flooring and walls gives almost unlimited possibilities for lofting and floorplan rearranging.

    Hang on...here ya go, this is a link to a tour of one of the floating island homes, complete with a scratch built player house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgd8OX71WOU And here is one with one of the full on castles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6CDZ8t3ses

    1. Thanks for the links. I figured the larger houses might have some exteriors. While I like the New Halas Homestead as is (with room to subdivide, etc.), the Kelethin Inn is very plain on the inside.

    2. Many of the "interior only" houses have "breakout" points as well and then you find there's actually a huge yard, and then people scratch-build things out there as well.

    3. What do you mean by "breakout" Or should I just get a bigger house? :P

  2. Man all these EQ2 posts is giving me the itch to try it again