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Friday, January 10, 2014

Beyond the Veil Is Back!

After a brief hiatus for the holidays, the BtV crew reunited last night in our first episode of the new year, the 73rd of the show. We have outlasted some heavy hitters with quite a bit of financial backing, perhaps because this is a labor of love for a game that deserves it. None of us are going to get rich playing and talking about The Secret World, well, monetarily at least.
But more than any other MMO I have played, TSW is about community. Players regularly organize to assist each other in taking down epic world bosses, some of whom require coordination just to summon into the world. Top players work with relative newbies (and not just their friends) to guide them through the most difficult content in the game. I have never seen a game where the top devs interact so directly with the players. Perhaps it is the position I am in as a member of a talk show, but folks like Tilty, Joel Bylos, Sezmra, and Scrivnomancer are frequently seen in game. When was the last time you saw the lead writer or lead designer walking around the player hubs or playing a fan created mission/quest in WoW or SWTOR?
And Beyond the Veil is about community, a group of people who were gathered together by Xander Hayes and Antida Ayel to share our experience and enthusiasm for the game. They both do so much; and while I feel I contribute, I feel sometimes that I have let them down as my ADDled, yet perfectionist, mind flits from one interest to another, leaving half-done projects in my wake. I can tell you already that Xander would deny that I have ever let him down; but that feeling remains.
So here's to another exciting year for Beyond the Veil. I'll link last night's show as soon as I am aware it's been posted.
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