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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Look at those awesome Knights of Mercy. They look ready to take ready to take on Lilith herself. But first, the Nightmare Haugbui Jarl.

Yeah . . . not so much. A few of us need to round out our blue gear and perfect our rotations, methinks.

OK. Let's run Elite Hell Raised. Ahhhh, much better.

Flappy? No Sweat!

Up next, Tenten with a report on the Darkness War. . .
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  1. Haugbui Jarl? POL1? I thought y'all had gotten to POL5 before. Was this a different group makeup this time?

  2. I've never completed a Nightmare boss, might've been other memebers of the Knights of Mercy you were reading about.