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Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Night in Beta

So Landmark alpha is over and closed beta has begun. David Georgeson, in the new intro video, said that closed beta will last quite some time, much longer than alpha. There are also plans to introduce many more features, like dangerous creatures, fall damage (I need that grappling hook), PvP elements, and more. Right now, mostly what has changed is the crafting system, which is now more complex. And seems to require even more resources.

Scooter and I were so busy gathering the resources we needed to create our claims and then stake them, then get enough copper to pay the upkeep for a few days, that I completely forgot to get any screenshots. Which is why the wall of text.

I was a bit miffed at the cost of upkeep (300 copper per day), but it's really only a few minutes of digging. What is somewhat more irksome is the five-day limit. So I can't ever be away from the game more than five days? For who knows how many months? I really hope that changes, and soon. I realize the other side of that argument is that they don't want to have zombie claims just sitting there, but I may just as soon return to my pocket dimension in Rift, if that is going to be how this world plays out. It seems to me that as long as I pump "upkeep" into the claim, I should not be limited if I need to be away from the game for an extended period of time.

The controls are a little wonky again (or still). They just don't seem as responsive, making it hard to move quite the way I'd like. And there is no keymap, so I can't reassign stuff to fit my habitual keystrokes.

It's not all negative. Scooter and I ended up with an awesome pair of claims in the northern part of Serenity Valley (how could I not choose that island), on a mountain with old growth vegetation all around. It may be my imagination, bu the claims seem smaller and the buffers larger this time around. With the initial download and subsequent flurry of resource gathering, there wasn't much time to work on our claims themselves, but I look forward to developing the property in the coming months. I'll have maps and pics in the near future, if you want to visit my piece of the world.
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  1. I think there should be a limit to how long you can pre-pay the upkeep but not five days - that's far too short. I'd go for a month, which should be plenty long enough to let people go on vacation or deal with smaller life issues that stop them playing for a short while. I'd also have means for other people to pay your upkeep for you - it could be organized through the Claim Permissions.

    Bear in mind that literally the only thing you lose is the location. Everything else is auto-templated and escrowed for you to collect and single-click rebuild whenever you return - All you have to do is find another free claim, which, in the live F2P setting, should be infiitely available or else the game won't work.

    At least that's how they say it will work. I don't think the system is in game yet, is it?

    1. To be honest, location may be the most important thing about a "house." The system you describe (as I'm sure you're aware) is exactly what they have in EQ2, the difference being that housing in EQ2 is instanced. But I agree, a month would be more acceptable. And I hope they implement the shared permissions sooner rather than later.

  2. Controls were driving me crazy. The camera rotation is so slow for some reason and there's no way to adjust it in game. They also seemed not as responsive until i put my pick away.

    1. Yes, when your pick or axe is out, the mouse controls you might normally use to steer and move are co-opted by aiming the instrument. You can still move using the arrow keys, but for me, that requires some breaking of habits.