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Monday, March 31, 2014

Return to Hyboria

On the hunt again for something interesting to play, Scooter and I have poked our heads into Age of Conan (the second time around for me). It's amusing to play this "sexy" game with my bride. Over the course of a couple nights, we have progressed through the initial phase of the Tortage tutorial more or less intact. I had forgotten many details of the story, but some of it came back to me. Also, the personal story is slightly different for Scooter's Dark Templar, Anfrea, than it is for my Bear Shaman, Bjornek. Much like TSW, Funcom chose to tell different facets of the story through different classes, which makes it interesting to see both.
She refused to do a topless selfie.
Scooter is a much bigger fan of the Schwarzenegger movies than I (I still haven't seen any of them, to be honest), and so she gets a kick out of the world of Hyboria. But I have read some of the original stories, and the game is more a reference to them than the '80s sword-and-sorcery flicks. It's definitely more fun doing them as a pair than when I was all by myself three-ish years ago.

I think Scooter likes the Dark Templar playstyle, and I like the organic healing of the Bear Shaman, though I wish there were more choice of weapons. Basically, I am limited to large hammers (two-handed blunt, lol insert 420 joke here) for melee (and all my special moves), though I have access to all the ranged weapons (for pulls?).
Bjornek gets a little goofy around the hot Aquilonian.
Unfortunately, I did something to my computer on Sunday that caused all the USB ports and sound card to become unresponsive, impairing my ability to play much of anything. These pics are from Friday. We'll see if I'll have much to blog about in the coming days and months.
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  1. I went back a few months ago and it just didn't capture me the way I thought it would. It is a very different environmental feel for an MMO though, which is one thing I have always appreciated about it. That and the fatality moves. How come nobody else has put that in game, eh?

    1. I'm trying to think if there are other fatality moves in MMOs. I definitely remember one the other day in Dragon Age, but it was more like a cinematic and obviously not an MMO.