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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quotes of the Day: Bribing Rogue Coders

How much fun is this? What I originally thought was light banter in the TSW Twitterverse turned out to actually be a thing.
     To those considering bribing rogue coders to circumvent Council of Venice certification: please first consider your conscience as a Templar.
~Richard Sonnac, Twitter, April 1, 2014
Apparently, the Rogue Coder in the Sunken Library has a Forged Council's Seal amongst his wares for a measly million Pax, and there are some who are none too happy about it. The ability to actually purchase the Forged Seal will require purchasing the Mission Pack that is meant to tide players over for April, which is one source of the angst. People don't think they should have to pay actual money to bypass the scenarios.
     I guess the point from our end is that there is a "free" way to Tokyo so we didn't feel under any obligation to ensure fairness by not having the alternative behind the paywall.
     But yes, it always hard to please everybody. I still think calling the 80 tokens required to buy Tokyo certification a "grind" is a stretch.
~Game Director Joel Bylos, responding to the hubbub.
I really hope that the mission pack includes new scenarios because I personally am weary of the "Seek and Preserve" scenario, randomly the same thing over and over. And I'm saying I told you so on that front.

Now, granted that I fully intend purchase the DLC mission pack regardless, and I already have a "Real" Council Seal on two characters, I think those looking for both a lunch free of effort and cash are bellying up to the wrong counter. As Joel said, getting the Seal will not cost you anything but time, assuming you are at the end of the story missions through Transylvania. Avoiding the scenarios but still getting a "Seal" will and should cost you. After all, the Devs need to eat lunch, too.
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  1. I haven't heard about this mission pack, but whatever it will contain, it's certainly not Tokyo (I'll still get it, too, of course).

    1. Oh yes, Tokyo will be Issue 9, and no mention was made of that in connection with this mission pack they have in the pipeline.