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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ready for Adventure!

"Bring Me That Horizon!"
Dexi (Scooter) and Rowanblaze
You know, I gotta say, if the beta characters of Landmark are any indication of how EQN characters will look (there is every indication that they are) I will be happy to play the game. Even at this rough stage, Landmark just has a look I like.

I haven't made much progress in Landmark due to various "meatspace" activities this weekend, but Scooter and I are rarin' to go. Our characters, Dexi and Rowanblaze, have claims just about as close to each other as we can get. I managed to do some gathering, even with the issues I am facing with my current hardware, so hopefully I can get some crafting done so as to upgrade my stuff and eventually get to building.

As mentioned by Belghast, even if you are caught up in some other game hotness right now, don't forget to pay the upkeep on your claim (assuming you want to keep it). You can pay ahead up to 5 days worth, which is only a few minutes of mining copper. I wish it were longer, but it is what it is.
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