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Monday, April 14, 2014

Claim Dilemma

Syl, the MMO Gypsy, has a post up today about losing her claim in Landmark, along with advice for both SOE and players on how that might be avoided in the future. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to Scooter last week due to an odd schedule and just general busy-ness. In the meantime, while I have diligently logged on to maintain my claim, my gimped computer makes it a chore to do anything more than mine and pay the piper. My actual claim sits unimproved.
With thanks to Quinterra for the beautiful screenshot.
Syl describes the stickiness of "owning" property in a game that keeps people coming back regularly. While I cannot disagree with her observation, my very fun forays into Dimensions in Rift and Housing in EQ2 did not ultimately keep me in those games. I also found the concept of upkeep a little manipulative. Keeping up my property in the real world is enough of a chore. I would prefer not to transfer that sense of obligation to my virtual one. I realize that seems in conflict with the concept of Landmark in the first place.

Perhaps I am in a rare position. With no developed property, I am only attached to my claim due to the pleasant view on a sentimentally named island. And while I am eager to develop my character through his tools, I worry that changes to the game as they introduce new systems will render much of my current efforts moot anyway.

So my dilemma is:
  • Do I continue to pay upkeep on an empty lot, that my lovely bride may or may not be able to stake another claim next to?
  • Or do I let it lapse and wait until we both have more time and good equipment, or SOE revises the upkeep to be more forgiving, or both?
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  1. I think in your case there's really no reason to pay upkeep rather than just waiting for launch. I expect them to wipe all claims for that anyway and then the whole landrush starts over. I might actually just blueprint my own claim again sometime soon and do just that since I'm not exactly happy with my current spot. I'd like to find an old forest/tundra island that actually has forest at its center...

    And just to clarify, I don't think that timer pressure creates commitment in MMOs; I just meant player housing and all forms of personalization in general. :) like you, I absolutely dislike the manipulative aspect of the upkeep timer. it doesn't create any real commitment by itself.

    1. You're right, I do make it seem like you were talking about Upkeep and stickiness. I will fix.