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Friday, October 17, 2014

End of an Age

I have a longer post about Open World PvP, but it may be moot as far as ArcheAge goes. Even after Scooter did a bunch of research and upgraded her video drivers, etc., her computer still spontaneously reboots at random while running the client. So despite a promising little storyline and a pretty good skill/ability system—not to mention beautiful graphics—we will no longer be playing the game.
Misteli II
ArcheAge isn't the only game we are leaving behind this month. Despite my optimism about WildStar's server mega-merger (with a healthy side helping of "Why wasn't it this way at launch?"), the truth is all my characters have stalled just after reaching eligibility for housing. Messing around with my various WildStar plots—and examining the farm/housing system in ArcheAge—only makes me long for the Dimension system Trion uses for Rift. Scooter canceled her WildStar sub a week or so ago, and I followed suit just the other day. We have until our current month runs out, but I doubt we'll be doing much on Nexus.
Sonnenblume (Scooter) and Girasol
And so Scooter and I made the decision last night to re-up in Rift to see if we can make a home in Telara. I plan to throw some money at Trion to get the Dream Soul pack, enabling me to possibly create a rogue character similar to the Warpriest class in ArcheAge, a combination of healz, sword-and-board, and archery. A bit has changed since the last time we got involved with Rift, and I think quite a lot has changed since we left the game the first time so many moons ago. I am hoping to see more of what has happened to Telaria in the intervening years.
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