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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from Beyond the Veil

Last night, the BtV crew celebrated the advent of the Halloween events in The Secret World. Focused around Solomon Island—which, as I mentioned yesterday, is locked in a perennial October—Halloween has special significance in this Lovecraftian wonderland.
Funcom has these awesome party packs in the store. Much like mystery boxes, they contain all sorts of random goodies. But the party boxes drop goodies in the bags of up to twenty people standing nearby, as well as the purchaser. We shot off several during the show, and I got almost a complete Baroness Samedi outfit in Lumie blue, some bloody vivisectionist clothing, and access to a bunch of new make-up options (to be used at Occam's Razor, the in-game barbershop). We also had a bunch of minor contests and giveaways. I think pretty much everyone that was standing around watching the show got an in-game T-shirt or title.
TSW has such a great community. I am more deeply involved in it than I have been in any other MMO, and I actually consider myself a bit on the fringe. We had a great time last night joking and laughing, and dancing. And giving stuff away, which I think we don't do often enough. I hope everyone who attended the party/show enjoyed themselves. We didn't talk a whole lot of what's going on in the game, since few of us had had an opportunity to run the fresh Halloween missions, or the classics they've trotted out from years past. So the remastered show may not make much sense, but there were plenty of moments when high-larity ensued. Because we're all 12 years old, apparently.

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  1. Aieeee, how did I miss this? /cry

    Are you guys still active in TSW? I am... currently, but I tend to be a bit of a game-jumper these days...

    1. I'll be honest, I barely play. Maybe twice a week, and one of those session will be the recording. Other members of the cast play more often, some religiously. This month, I am focusing on NaNoWriMo.