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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I remember one piece of advice I saw during one NBI or another was "Never apologize for a gap in blog activity."

Belghast sent me a DM on Twitter asking if everything was OK, because I really haven't posted much this month. He was worried that perhaps Blaugust had burned me out. Blaugust was great, and I posted every day, but my writing pattern/routine was really not sustainable for various reasons. I felt a need to break away from that routine at the beginning of Slacktember, which, when combined with an extended business trip, led to limited posting.
And not much has changed. I am still playing WildStar with no plans for any other game other than getting back into The Secret World, which I have severely neglected of late. I also dipped into DragonAge: Origins, but am having difficulty convincing the game client that I am entitled to the extras I have paid for.

Thus, I find myself somewhat behind in posts from last year, but a bit ahead of 2012, and even with only two posts, Slacktember 2014 is in my top 7 months (of 57) for pagehits.
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  1. I enjoy my time away and even the quietness of it all and not writing anything. Not even worried about it.