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Friday, January 15, 2016

Where's Count Rugen When I Need Him?

Someone was looking for you...
Because, otherwise, I have to start using two hands to count how long I've been at this blogging thing. Yes, Dear Reader, this post marks the sixth year of IHTtS. With an extremely prolific birthday month—countered by a singularly negligent valentine month—on average, I managed to post less than once every three days this year, for a total of 116 posts.

I spent some time, early in the year, reacquainting myself with Star Trek Online. But my voyages there were brief. The bulk of the year from May on has been dominated by Star Wars: The Old Republic.
The only time I'll be able to use a personal picture for the puppy motif.
Interestingly, my biggest post of the year is almost two years old, with an embed of the awesome machinima short, "Death Knight Love Story" by Hugh Hancock. Of those I have actually posted within the past year, my recent spoilerific discussion of the latest entry of Star Wars canon has already shot to the top of individually accessed posts, but that may simply be a combination of the popularity of "The Force Awakens" and the fact that I hid most of the post behind a break. With most of my posts appearing in full on the main page and in RSS/Atom readers, it's hard for me to gauge the popularity of what I write.

As has become a regular feature of the blog, I feel the need to publicize my appreciation for Scooter and her support of my hobbies and eccentricities. She puts up with my foibles, and helps me do better. She regularly proofs my writing and spares you, Dear Reader, some pretty rough drafts. I'm not sure where I would be without her, but I am sure I would not be nearly as happy. Anyway, we have Lulara and Heliantha on Corellia; and hopefully, we will be able to finish their Original stories tonight—our first on the Republic side. Hooray!
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  1. Congratulations on another blogoversary!

    I'm not surprised your Force Awakened post gets hits, me just writing a few spoiler-free lines about what I thought of it was also enough to cause a huge spike compared to my normal traffic.

    1. Thanks! :)

      I'm not really surprised either. People are enthusiastic about the movie, and desperate for info/analysis. I am the same way.