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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Loose Cannons

With the completion of the smuggler and the consular story, Scooter and I created new characters. In my case, I restarted my male Consular, Baldrvar. I invented it based on existing Norse names like Ingvar (warrior of Ing/Freyr) and the god Baldr (peace, light, purity). Since my plan is to take him Dark, this may be a little ironic. On the other hand, the association of Baldr with "day"—and therefore "sun"—along with a potential interpretation of "-var" to mean "wise," means "Baldrvar" could be a translation of "Sunsage"; my Legacy in SWTOR.

Hailing from the core planet Chandrila, Baldrvar is a member a noble house of galactic politicians and ambassadors. A gifted padawan, he arrived on Tython well aware of his own Force abilities. Though he was chastened initially for his apparent hubris, the Council acknowledged his strength in the Force after his discovery of the Fount of Rajivari and made him a full Jedi. Initially reluctant to deal with his master's friend, Qyzen Fess, he grew to appreciate the Trandoshan hunter's loyalty and skills. Baldrvar is adept at negotiation and diplomacy, but is prone to arrogance with people he sees as obstinate or obstructionist. Though charming, he has a vicious streak and will not hesitate to threaten or use the Force to achieve his aims.

Scooter didn't like her original Jedi Knight, a Twilek. Instead she created a Cyborg, Vireena. As is Scooter's wont, she picked the name more for its euphony than meaning, but liked that Verina/Verena can be interpreted as "true," and also has a possible etymological connection to Veronica/Bernice, "bringing victory."

Injured and orphaned during the Sacking of Coruscant, Vireena was treated for nerve damage and hearing loss before falling through the cracks of the social welfare system. She spent most of her youth in the twilight underlevels of Coruscant before being discovered as a Force sensitive by the Jedi whom she attempted to pickpocket. As do many street urchins, Vireena developed a family of sorts with a gang of other children, and values loyalty above all else. She will always have her companions' backs and treat them with respect, but will not forgive betrayal. Vireena is savvy, snarky—a bit of a smartass​, in fact​. She won't take crap from anyone, and has the skills to back up her boldness. She is reliable, honest to a fault; tireless and efficient; focused, but unpredictable.

After the overall Lightness of Heliantha (and Lulara), I plan to see how Dark I can take Baldrvar, without him also being an ass to people, because there's little call for that. Scooter is playing Vireena as fairly Dark, but mostly does what feels right for her character at that moment.
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