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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Couple Swag

Often, it's nice to have a rich relative willing to share a little wealth to help send a young couple off in style.
Thanks to a nest egg saved up by Heliantha, I was able to buy a few nice things for Baldrvar(me) and Vireena(Scooter), including some hawt lightsaber crystals and a couple cute Meirm Dart Frogs. Much like we often do in real life, we outfitted this pair in matching shirts: Republic Practice Jerseys.
I didn't want Baldrvar's saber to give away his dark affinity so blatantly, so I picked the white-purple-blue crystal which happens to match the blue and white jerseys they are wearing. That color was also relatively inexpensive on the GTN when I was shopping. Scooter preferred the magenta outline crystals, though, and I am beginning to wish I'd followed suit.
I picked up these beauties a few weeks ago when they were also a bargain on the GTN. Scooter and I have really fallen in love with the pug-nosed design of the Meirm speeders, having picked up some Skinks for Achillea and Harllie ages ago, and getting some Agamas for Lulara and Heliantha during our recently completed character run. One cool thing that sets these Dart Frogs apart from our previous Meirms is the fun little beep-beep they do just after mounting up.
One cool thing about the new companion system is that, since gear stats no longer matter for them, they can be outfitted however you please. And because I can use the Jersey as a costume stamp on Baldrvar, I decided to put Qyzen Fess in the "Team Uniform," which I will transfer to future companions as needed. I'm hoping Scooter does the same with Kira Carsen and Vireena's other companions.
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  1. Wearing Matching Outfits: Awesome
    Wearing Those Particular Matching Outfits: Um.... (-:

    1. I thought it was kinda hilarious that they are huttball uniforms, considering I think I've played maybe one round of the "sport" since the launch of SWTOR.

  2. I actually have all my agent minions in matching uniforms. It looks epic.

    1. I am far more interested in this since it became viable. Prior to KotFE, I tried to get my trooper companions (really just Jorgen and Dorne) in uniforms matching my PC. But that was about it.

  3. I love matching your companion's outfits with my characters'ones as well. The most extreme example I know of is Conrad. His trooper wears the Republic trooper outfit and all his companions wear the same one, but with a different colour scheme. It looks awesome!

    1. Sounds cool. 😎 I've kept mine the same color (white and red). The Trooper is one of the few classes where that was both viable and made sense story/RP-wise before KotFE.