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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PAX Belana

(I have more to say about the show. But things are really busy right now, and I wanted to get this out, mostly to express my gratitude to Belghast and the person who gave his tickets to PAX South. So, THANK YOU!)

A couple weeks ago, as I came to the realization that Belghast was planning to go to San Antonio for PAX South 2016, I suggested that we could meet up, either for a meal on his way down (he and his wife and friend passed within about fifteen minutes of our house), or for a meal down in S.A. (well within driving distance for Scooter and me). Given the late date, we had no plans to actually attend the gaming conference. As it happened, Bel knew someone who had purchased two passes but would be unable to attend. Because I met certain specified criteria, he gave the badges to Bel to pass along to Scooter and me.

And so on Saturday morning, with many thanks to Belghast and and our Anonymous Benefactor, we found ourselves traveling to San Antonio not merely to meet with Bel and Co., but to actually attend the gaming convention. After navigating the parking headache (during which I managed to hurt Scooter's feelings when she was only trying to help) and trekking to the Convention Center, we met up with Bel and headed into the show.
We're going on an adventure!
To be continued . . .
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  1. That cliffhanger! :O Hope to read more about the PAX adventures soon - it sounds like a cherished memory already. :)

    1. We had a blast. I will try to write up the second part this evening.