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Saturday, February 13, 2016


So about Wednesday following PAX South weekend, I became so congested overnight that an infection developed in my right ear. Various complications ensued over the following week (thankfully, none life-threatening, but I will spare you the photos), and I ended up going to the doctor this past Thursday afternoon. He prescribed antibiotics (which I promise to take faithfully until they are gone), and I hope to feel well enough by tomorrow that Scooter and I can celebrate Valentine's Day properly (by going to see Deadpool).
This all to say that neither gaming nor blogging have been priorities, even staying home both Monday and Friday (and suffering through twenty-one and a half hours at the office). Scooter and I did get a few hours of SWTOR in here and there, and I've even dipped a toe into Wildstar. But mostly it's been veggin' on the couch, watching Netflix or Hulu, or just plain sleeping to escape the pain on the right side of my face. From the looks of my Twitter stream, I am far from the only one with the February sniffles. Here's hoping we all get better soon.
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  1. Hope this is all over now. Ear infections can be quite nasty; my father lost his hearing in one ear after one (which was disastrous for a musician). Glad you're taking care of yourself!

    1. Thank you, and I'm sorry to about your father. I have some occasional lingering pain, but it's mostly gone.