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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CSI: Kharanos — Stormsage & Sprizzleboom

I went ahead and created a dorf shammy on Wednesday and leveled him up enough to get to Kharanos and join Scooter's numlock, Soffe.

Cruachán Stormsage

[IPA*: kɾˠuəxɑn stɔɹmseɪdʒ] (His given name, apparently, is Irish for little mountain. In game, he is simply Stormsage.)

This Wildhammer dwarf grew up in the now ruined town of Dun Modr, helping to defend the Thandol Span in the days prior to the Second War between the Horde and the Alliance. After the Fall of of Grim Batol, he spent time in the Hinterlands near Aerie Peak, learning to commune with the spirits of nature and the elements and to gain their trust, and their assistance in times of crisis. He was in Coldridge Valley visiting relatives in Anvilmar when a cataclysmic earthquake disturbed the geological stability of the region and upset the spirits of the elements. He worked to soothe the spirits in the valley before making his way to Kharanos. Once in the dwarven town, he made the acquaintance of a gnome conjurer named Soffe.

Soffe Sprizzleboom

[IPA: soʊ̯fi spɹɪzlbum] (In game, she's Soffe, a variation on the Greek word for wisdom.)

A proud member of the Sprizzleboom family (manufacturers of "deceptively distinctive demolition devices"), Soffe became involved with a group of mages who, believing they could use the power of the burning Legion against itself, developed spells and rituals to bind demons to do their bidding. Unfortunately, Soffe was caught in the radiation blast that trapped and doomed most of the population of Gnomeregan. Soffe learned to survive in the ruined former capital, avoiding leper gnomes and scrounging for food. Eventually, she and a few others were rescued by members of S.A.F.E., after which she made it to the surface of New Tinkertown. Departing western Dun Morogh with another survivor, the gnome medic Ptahmose Spinsprocket; she met the dwarf shaman Stormsage in the Thunderbrew Distillery, and together, they traveled to Loch Modan to assist the clean-up efforts at the newly emptied reservoir. Ptahmose elected to remain in Kharanos, supporting the Mountaineers in their efforts against the Frostmane trolls.

Both Soffe and Stormsage are about level 18 after their weekend adventures, currently settled at the Farstrider Lodge overlooking the ruined Loch Modan.

*I spent way too much time figuring out the IPA notation for these names.
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