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Sunday, June 26, 2016

WoW: My Updated Avatars

Back in 2010, I speculated on what player characters might look like when Blizzard got around to updating the models. More precisely, I expressed concern, based on Jaina Proudmore's WotLK update, that the PCs would be badly remade.
The verdict? Eh . . . They're not horrible, but I prefer the way they looked before. Rowanblaze had a benevolent face, I thought, befitting a priest of the Light. Now, she looks just a little manic; her eyes are just a bit too open. Her face is rounder, which I suppose is true of all female humans. But it makes it look like the collar of her robe is just a little too tight. They shrank the shoulders just a bit, which I do like. Unfortunately, "Mutiny" in Uldum dropped me from their rolls. Her tabard was blank, so I removed it. I had forgotten the big gap in the front and back of the upper robe.
Hazelwingnut was always sensible, in contrast to typical gnomish whimsy. I always liked her inquisitive eyebrows and serious brown hairdo. And her green eyes. Now, her hair is lighter, her eyes are bluer, and her brows are not as arched. She looks more glum than rational.

On a side note wasn't the range of human skin colors wider before? I could have sworn there were dark brown skin tones.

On a different side note—though this won't be news to anyone who's been playing for a while—I was pleasantly surprised that my mount and pet collections are account wide, not just server wide. Too bad my gold is not.

Hmm. I can't think of another MMO (at least that I've played) that has updated its character engine. Oh wait! EQ2 did. But I came along after that update, and as I recall, you could choose the old model if you wanted to. Again, even though the new models for my old WoW characters are not hideous, they just don't look right to me. It was definitely easier to create new toons than to revisit my old favorites. 
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  1. I really dislike all the updated models, particularly the gnomes, so I always check the box to use the old models. The new faces are very scary.

    1. I assume you're talking about EQ2, as I don't remember seeing that option in WoW. Plus, I agree that the EQ gnomes are creepy; though perhaps a little closer to the original folkflore.

    2. Nope, it's in System settings