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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dipping Our Toes Back In

So excited to be here.
True to my word from my Warcraft movie review, Scooter and I re-upped on Sunday afternoon. Rather than go back to old toons (and realms), we decided to start brand new characters on new servers. We are unsure of what realms would be the best to join; there are pros and cons to both high- and low-population servers. Thus, we ended up with a couple humans on Aerie Peak, and a couple gnomes on Argent Dawn.

On Aerie Peak, I started a monk, naming him Aconitus (monkshood, get it?), while Scooter created a hunter she named Varlarie. When we tried out the Pandaren starting area a few years ago, we weren't able to create monks, so I thought it might be something different to try out now. We only got to level 6 on these two, before calling it a night, so I really don't have much of an impression, I think I have maybe three abilities so far. Having to run up to melee was a bit of a pain, but the lvl 5 ability "Roll" helps out in that aspect. I do wish it could be targeted, similar to the SWTOR Knight/Warrior ability "Force Leap/Charge."

Some of the controls that I actually have thought I missed in other games turn out to be a bit of an annoyance, like click-to-move. I often turn my character in the direction of the camera by clicking the right mouse button and pivoting with my track ball, a nod to the RP aspect of actually looking in that direction. Unfortunately, upon releasing the right mouse button, a ground mark appears wherever my cursor happens to be on the screen, and my character goes running off in that direction. I don't remember this being a big issue when playing before. At any rate, I ended up turning click-to-move off in the settings. I didn't miss it that much.

After having a brief discussion with Belghast yesterday regarding consolidated realms, I convinced Scooter to jump over to Argent Dawn, home of House Stalwart, where we created a pair of gnomes. I went with a priest, named Ptahmose (Egyptian for "born of Ptah," the god of creation and artisans). (I know, it's a break from my habit of herbal names.) Scooter started a Warlock that she named Soffe, after her Zabrak Warrior in SWTOR. I really wanted a shaman, and think maybe I should have made a dwarf and met up with Scooter in Kharanos. I still might do that. If we run our humans tonight, I'll have Wednesday evening to run a Dwarf up to Kharanos to meet Soffe.

One thing I'll have to get used to again is reading the quest text. I've been spoiled for the past few years playing games that tend to start major quests, at least, with cutscenes; or that dispense with lengthy text altogether. But reading the text of the quests was one thing I really enjoyed about WoW, so I'll have to slow myself down again to do so now. They may not always be great stories, but they provide a reasoning behind all the slaughter.
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  1. You might want to look at this addon - http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/total-rp-3-storyline

    You'd still be reading the same text, it just spices it up a bit for you.

    1. Hey, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

    2. I added that Storyline mod. I like it. Thanks again for the tip.