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Thursday, November 12, 2015


IntPiPoMo is here! Chestnut has details, but the TL;DR is 50 pics in 30 days. Get to it! And let Chestnut know in the comments on her post.

"Fifty pictures will be easy," I said. "I have thousands," I said. But sifting through the coal to find the gems is tedious. Anyhoo, here are some that may be a little different. We all know that videogames are prone to graphics glitches. Apparently, TSW (for example) is currently having issues with PCs having to chase the shirts they supposed to be wearing[EDIT: Not a glitch].
In SWTOR, I have managed to catch a few glitches. Some are more permanent than others. In the pic above, I am supposed to be deep in the bowels of Coruscant (Justicar territory, IIRC). But you can clearly see through the gap in the ceiling that I am not far from the Capital Ship that hovers in the sky above the Senate Tower.
This one flashed at me only from certain angles inside Tharan Cedrax' office on Nar Shaddaa's Promenade. Beautiful skyline backdrop though.
This may be familiar to folks since I've seen it happen in quite a few places. You're cruising along in or on your taxi speeder, when all of a sudden, it disappears!
At least the landscapes are pretty. (But I have a few of Taris. Yeach!)
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  1. Just to note: the thing with TSW you mention, it is not a glitch. Play the mission (if it's still active, but i fear the event is about to end) and you will see why you chase your shirt there. :)