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Friday, November 13, 2015

Little Coruscant

Heliantha and Lulara have just finished their sojourn on Nar Shaddaa, and I wanted to post a few more pics from the beautifully rendered Smuggler's Moon.
I'm sure a lot of folks in the United States associate Nar Shaddaa with Las Vegas and other gambling meccas. But despite the obvious parallels with Sin City, I believe the devs drew more inspiration from the neon jungles of the Far East.
I wish I had decent nighttime pictures of my visit to South Korea's Uijeongbu and Seoul earlier this year, but these daylight snapshots will have to do for comparison. Imagine all those signs you see lit up against a black sky.
The frequent public announcements in Huttese only add to the feel of an exotic city in a foreign land for this American traveler.
The story goes that the deep rose sky is a result of massive pollution on the moon, but at least one does not need injections or a face mask to breathe in the ecumenopolis.
It's always good to have nice ride in a party city like Nar Shaddaa. I even have a speeder that matches the city perfectly, my Prinawe Congregate.
The nightlife on Nar Shaddaa is amazing, of course. Here, a group of Imperial RPers party it up in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on the Promenade.
Remember to "Ride Responsibly," folks.
The Vertical City seems like the perfect place for a former Imperial Agent to hang out, so my Legacy Stronghold is attributed to Versteckt, my IA, and the first character I got to 50, back when that was a bigger deal.
In a feeble attempt at creativity, I snapped this photo of some medical (torture) beds after dispatching some evil scientist.
I tried to get a shot of what many of my journeys through SWTOR look like. Here's a slightly Indiana Jones-esque map journey, with Heelee and Lulu speeding through the Red Light Sector on their Meirm Agamas
I'd hate to have to live on the surface of Nal Hutta, but it certainly casts a beautiful, ephemeral glow through the red clouds of the Smuggler's Moon.
I'll let this shot be the transition to my space vista collection, which I hope to post tomorrow or Sunday.

November is International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo)! Chestnut has details, but the TL;DR is 50 pics in 30 days. Get to it! And let Chestnut know in the comments on her post. Some of these pics I have posted previously, I only count the new ones in my total.
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