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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lulara and Heliantha

Plus, a challenge:

Ravanel tipped me off to this event. So apparently, Chestnut has announced the return of IntPiPoMo (International Picture Posting Month), coinciding with the far more hardcore NaNoWriMo. Since I have yet to manage to string even 20,000 words into a single coherent plot, I think I may sit back with the dirty casuals and take advantage of the thousands of screenshots I have in my archive. All you need to do, if you should so desire, is post 50 screenshots to your preferred blogging venue over the course of the month. Do heavily cropped pics count? Oh! and let Chestnut know in the comments on her post.

Scooter and I are just about done with our first run-through of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story content, on our Sith pair, Morrenia and Glember. Rather than jump straight back into it with our Imperial tech pair, Silverleaf and Ginie, we decided we'd go back to some earlier stuff, maybe do something we hadn't done yet. Now, far from being my original intent, we went waaaay back to the beginning, creating new characters for this run.

Lulara, the Rock Hurler

Introducing Lulara:

Lulara (IPA: lu'lɑrə) sprang forth from Scooter's desire to avoid a melee character, though she says eventually she'll have to muscle through both Warrior and Knight in order to achieve Legendary status. Since I already have a Knight I am working on (I have all four Imp classes, but no Rep classes finished) and I thought maybe it would be fun to mix up a tech user and a force user, I roled Heliantha (below). Scooter says she really enjoys the caster classes. And despite the awesomeness of Force lightning, pelting people with rocks and wreckage is fun, too. Unbeknownst to me, Scooter decided to make Lulu a Mirialan, and I think this is the first time one of our duos in this game is the exact same race (cyborgs are not humans in SWTOR).

Heliantha, the Bolt Slinger

Introducing Heliantha:

Heliantha (IPA: hiːliˈænθə) is my new smuggler, a dirty tricks gunslinger. She is the result of a few things coming together. First, Scooter's desire to create new characters on the Republic side. Second, I really like the green Mirialans, but only have one: my Trooper, Achillea. Third, a couple months back, I got the pigtails hairdo on sale, but didn't really have a character that I felt could wear them. (I will say I was disappointed to discover that I could not get pink hair for Mirialans.)

Achillea, the Kolto Pitcher
I've been reading the "Knights of Tomorrow" blog and was inspired by the various sibling relationships and rivalries she has going on. Prior to this, none of my characters have exactly had a familial relationship that I have fully articulated. So Heelee is Achillea's younger, less serious sister. I don't know much more than that yet. To get the family resemblance without making them twins, I started out by duplicating Achillea's face, then changed Heelee to Body Type I and changed her tattoos and hair. Interestingly enough, looking at these pics, all three could be sisters.

Obviously we ran our separate stories on the origin planets then met up on Carrick Station. We're already almost through Coruscant and about level 18. It's interesting to note which missions BioWare considers essential to the planet's storyline. In the case of the Republic Capital, the repairs being conducted by the Gree Droid delegation compose the series.

I already have two more IntPiPoMo post in the pipeline. This may turn out to be way more fun than the insanity of NaNo.
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  1. Heavily cropped pics totally count, so long as you took 'em. :)

    Heliantha screams Harley Quinn to me. Not sure if intended, but that's totally the vibe. Probably the pigtails. ;)

    1. Yeah, she's not at all like Harley Quinn personality-wise. Check out Tomorrow Knight's Lemon Blossom, whose character sheet I linked in my next post.