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Monday, November 30, 2015


And so we come to the end of International Picture Posting Month. I hope this is a strong finish, though it is a bit eclectic. Seeing how as it is #MirialanMonday (for those in the know), I'll start off with a couple of my favorite recent pics. Heliantha (me) and Lulara (Scooter) are toiling away on Balmorra now. It's fun to see Heelee's many faces. Achillea, my trooper and Heelee's older sister, is ever the professional soldier. Heelee, the Smuggler, is a lot more expressive.

In this first pic, it looks like someone stole her puppy. (How about that duster, though? Njessi would probably kill me for putting my green-skinned beauty in a red coat.)
While she's generally a good character, Heelee gets to be a sarcastic butt a lot of the time. (Here, she's channeling her inner Han Solo. I kept her original "scamp" clothes from character creation and just this past Saturday outfitted Risha in the top and boots.)
And don't make Heelee angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. At the first sign of a boasting threat, Heliantha's likely to put a blaster bolt through someone. Par for the course in this game, but it felt really cool to take out an entire cantina full of thugs at the opening of Chapter 2.
And then there's Lulara, calm, serene . . . and gorgeous in that white and mint green ensemble she picked up on Alderaan.
Just look at the detail on her tunic. All too often, the costumes in this game seem a little plain, then you see something like this. (In the conversation I got this shot from, Heliantha is speaking. But for some reason, the camera was trained on Lulu.)
If Mirialans are not to your liking, how about some epic space shots? I like this one with Heelee's XS Freighter, silhouetted against a nearby star as it leaves Carrick Station (the Republic Fleet).
A space shot without a player ship in it! The Republic Valor-class cruiser Fortitude returns to its orbit following a harrowing descent into the atmosphere of Deralia.
I've been trying to get a decent shot of Lightspeed/Hyperspace, but it's hard to position my character properly. This one is pretty interesting, I think, with the characteristic streaking stars transitioning into the waves of hyperspace itself. (No wonder they need nav computers.)
This one is slightly more artful, taken by Heliantha from the central passageway of Lulara's Defender.

I've also been making progress on my Knight, Zarzamora. He and Lord Scourge are getting along famously. (Though, in a bug similar to Vector's impeccable imitation of Kaliyo, Scourge does a perfect Sgt. Rusk.)
"Don't cross the streams!"
And lastly, how about a few actions shots? I feel like I should try to take more of these with the user interface hidden, especially now that I have some buttons floating in the middle left of the screen.
But I do love the way the lightsaber effects look. (Don't ask why Zarzamora's crystal is hot pink. It made sense at the time.)

This brings my personal total to 55 pics. It was rougher than I thought it would be. Congratulations to everyone who completed IntPiPoMo, 50 pics in 30 days!
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  1. There's no side/under boob involved, so I'm gonna let the red coat slide...

    1. I have a couple crazy shots of folks I've seen that I need to dig up and submit.