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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Mounts I Have Liked Using the Most?

Greetings Traveler!

So I read a series of posts yesterday from Nogamara, Paeroka, and Syp (through MassivelyOP), about "What mounts do you like using the most?" Currently, I am playing Guild Wars 2 pretty exclusively. Though reading through blog posts, I am tempted by other old favorites.
One of my favorite mounts in World of Warcraft was the Violet Protodrake, earned from the Long Strange Trip achievement. In the old mount system, it was the one of the few ways to get a superfast mount, and it was a bit of work.
Another favorite from my WoW playing days was the two-seater rocket I believe associated with a recruiting achievement. That's my dorf shammy, Stormsage, tooling around Northrend with Scooter's gnomelock, Soffe. It was a great way to get around on our SLC toons.
Between these two, I was playing Star Trek Online, and the Nebula refit U.S.S. Peregrine was my favorite ship in STO. I've loved the lines of the Nebula class ever since the end of Star Trek: Generations. So the opportunity to fly one of my own was awesome.
I really got into collecting mounts in SWTOR, partly because they seemed to drop like candy and therefore were fairly affordable on the Galactic Exchange. Easy to get a matching pair for me and Scooter. The Skink line (Meirm Skink in the picture) with their stubby profile, were among my favorites.
Which brings us to Guild Wars 2. Other than STO, if you count the ships as mounts, the GW2 mounts are the most practical in any game I have played. Each one has a purpose and a different way of handling. I don't want to get into it too much here, but they go way beyond "move faster over terrain." The skimmers can go over and through water, the griffons can soar and glide. The rollerbeetles can go super fast, but also have a hard time cornering.
The Synergetics Hoverbike and Gyrocycle are two of my favorites, as they function like their animal counterparts, but don't look them. I don't like the Cyberscale as much because it is basically a robot version of the skyscale mount, rather than a motorized device like the gyrocycle or hoverbike. But this is about the mounts we love, not the ones we dislike. I do spend a ton of time on my "living" skyscale mounts, which also have unique mobility.

As I mentioned before. This trip down nostalgia lane got me yearning for other adventures that I used to have. However, I think that really is just nostalgia talking. Even though I have fond memories of those games and the characters I inhabited there, I'm not convinced it would feel the same. I'm in a very different place in my life, which is one reason it's hard to blog. In the same way, I would feel lost on many of those old toons. Of course, I once thought that about GW2, and here I am blogging again. So I guess I will never say never.
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  1. Oh yeah, I also really loved the Violet Protodrake, but it's fallen out of fashion the last.. 8 years, oops :P

    I guess I've left out GW2 because I only have the absolute base level of mounts (Raptor, Hopper, Ray, recently Jackal) and I've never even seen that Beetle skin... wow.

    1. Well shoot, this comment ended up buried in my emails. Yes, the basic mount skins in GW2 aren't anything to write home about. But they get the job done. On the other hand, I suspect the fancier ones are an excellent source of revenue. Scooter and will occasionally drop money for gems to support the project. I have no problem with that, since we're not paying a monthly subscription.