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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Why Blaugust?

Greetings Traveler!

I thought I would write something to do with this week's Blaugust theme, which is Blaugust itself. Chances are, if you're reading this, you already have a good idea of what Blaugust is. But you may be wondering why I, an intermittent blogger of late, might choose to participate or promote it.
So the event was started by Belghast the Aggronaut, who had developed the habit of blogging every single day back in 2013-2014. I was there that first year, and managed to knock out 31 posts, though I don't think they were quite a daily ritual for me. I've never been a steady diarist, and sometimes too much of a perfectionist. Blaugust has evolved over the years; the "rules" of the current iteration can be found here. Much like NaNoWriMo, the goal is more to get something down daily. But you're not writing a novel; nothing has to be coherent from day to day. And while I suspect the majority of participants are games bloggers of some sort, I don't think that's any kind of requirement. If you're into sports, or hiking, or underwater basket weaving, and want to share your passion with others, Blaugust may be a great jumping-off point.

Now, why am I participating? Despite what I said yesterday about writing for work and writing for pleasure, they are very different things. On the blog, I have far more freedom to write about my own passions rather than whatever technical assignment, whether they be some new—or not so new—game, or travel, or even politics. I also have an opportunity to be more creative in my writing, not restricted to the language of a manual.

Of course, I haven't written much of late. I have only excuses, not that anyone is really beating me up about it. But, Blaugust is a good little kick in the pants to get back into it. A good goal, and maybe this time I'll develop the habit again.

But I still think we should have named it BLOGUST.
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  1. There was a bit of discussion on the Blaugust Discord the other day about the name and how to pronounce it. Bel put up a soundfile of him saying it and that made perfect sense, whereas when I say it it doesn't invoke blogging at all. I do agree "Blogust" would have greater clarity but then if we were starting from scratch I'd vote for Blogtober anyway: sounds clearer and I always have more time to write then than in midsummer.

    1. I figured it was pronounced like web log + August. Hence my preferred spelling. And you're right, with two teachers in the house beginning school in August, it's a bit hectic right now. I think Blogtober might be a bit easier for me.