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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everybody Needs a Spock

@ GeeCee: Sorry for copying you yet again.

Of course the star of this "show" is Rowan. But just like Spock, all my fan mail is for Tarah. She steals the show. Sometimes I almost think I should have rolled an Andorian. They are awesome: loyal, great to have in a fight, smokin' hot (ok, mine is), and blue. But then, I don't know if I would like Tarah so much if she were the captain. I find myself trying to get shots with her in them all the time, this one was an accident.

It was supposed to be a shot of Rowan vaporizing a thug; but there's Tarah, target optics activated, watching the flank of her sometimes impetuous friend and CO. Thierry is right there moving to protect Rowan, as well, having built his phaser turret. But Tarah and Rowan share a bond much like Kirk and Spock, versus the triad of Kirk-Spock-McCoy. Perhaps it was inevitable that intense and sometimes bitter rival civilizations would produce matched pairs that complement each other so well. Again, like GeeCee, I could probably switch out any of my Boffs, except Tarah. Certainly all of Rowan's bridges will have the Double Command Area.

Tarah has a fuller backstory than Rowan, right now. We've met her bondmate, Shrel, and know the names of her two other bondmates. We know she was homesick before he showed up. We know from the way she appears in all her screenshots she is ever watchful, anticipating the inevitable danger their adventures entail.

I wish I had a companion like this in real life, someone who I knew had my back in any situation. I think we all need that. So, instead of the story about Franklin Drake and Section 31 that I had percolating, you, Dear Reader, are stuck with this sentimental tribute. Ever practical, Tarah would just roll her eyes.


  1. Just out of curiosity, was she also the first Bridge Officer you ever received as a reward? My Vulcan officer was, the one I got right at the end of the tutorial. Even if I didn't have a cool backstory for him I think I would have been attached to him for that reason alone :P

  2. Yes, she is literally my first officer, from the tutorial mission.