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Friday, April 9, 2010


I have played Lord of the Rings Online a couple of times over the past week or so; and frankly, it's a bit disappointing. The graphics are great and I like the animations. The controls are a little off, in my opinion, especially since I use a trackball mouse for movement and sometimes the toon would keep moving even when I thought it should stop. I couldn't auto-engage enemies the way I do with WoW, and I even have a better time navigating STO. Ultimately, I just don't find the game-play engaging enough to continue. WoW (and STO to a lesser extent) drew me in, within a few minutes I was excited by the game, and within a couple of sessions, I was hooked. LOTRO, not so much. I can't explain better than that, given the level of interest I have right now. I just wanted to update anyone who is interested. I took few screenshots, but I will probably not return to Middle Earth anytime soon.


  1. I took a character to level 65 on WoW, and now I'm playing LOTRonline.....think you should give LOTR more of a chance. In the long haul, I've found LOTRO much more rewarding.